Do you love working out? Do you have a passion for helping people? Would you like to earn a good living and still have some overall flexibility in your job? Why not consider becoming a certified personal trainer?

There are so many benefits to being an individual trainer. You can make a real and positive difference in people’s lives. You enjoy regular usage of the gym, and much more. What makes this career for you is personal. Nevertheless, you have a lot of reasons to choose training others as a lifelong career.

Before you get started, it is critical to understand the one thing. For a career in fitness, recognition and continuing education are critical. This is the building blocks of your skills. Additionally it is proof to employers and clients that you will be a professional.

Also, know that to succeed as a trainer, you need to be self-motivated and driven. You need to be focused on helping others and qualified to adjust, learn, and grow as you work with clients.

What Are the Benefits of Being a qualified Personal Trainer?
If you’ve been curious about becoming a trainer, consider these compelling benefits that come with having a career as a fitness professional:

1. Do What You Love
Do what you love and you’ll never work each day in your life, so the saying goes. There is some definite truth to the statement. If you love working out and being in the gym, can you imagine doing that every day for your career?

Picture yourself guiding clients through training sessions. Imagine yourself developing workouts, demonstrating form, and leading group fitness classes. All of this could be your day-to-day as a personal trainer.

You also get continual access to the latest in fitness via continuing education courses. These are courses you decide to use keep your personal training qualification current. You select which continuing education classes you’ll take. So, you can choose the ones that interest you most.

2. Enjoy a Healthier Career
Modern life is so unhealthy, mostly because most people are sedentary for hours every day. Work is essentially to blame. Most personnel sit all day long on the job, in offices, at desks, in trucks or cars. Even people who are active beyond work suffer from being forced to sit and become sedentary for so long every day, day after day.

But as a trainer, you’ll have the opposite experience. You will not be stuck behind a desk, you will be active the majority of your day, and as a result, you’ll enjoy better general health than you would in an office job.

3. Earn as Much, or as Little, as You Want
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median pay for fitness trainers and instructors is $40,700 per year. Though, the salary a personal trainer may earn varies drastically by individual.

This is because the career allows for a lot of flexibility. You possibly can make this a full-time commitment, working in a gym for a regular salary, or you can work part-time or even for yourself, identifying your own hours, rates, and earnings.

This overall flexibility not only allows you to determine your income, but it addittionally gives you space to craft the kind of career you want. Do you want to be your own boss? You can do that. Do you prefer the stability of being a staff? There are many gyms ready to hire qualified, certified trainers.


You can also earn extra cash by adding group fitness instruction to your set of offerings.

4. Choose Your Career Path as a Personal Trainer
That overall flexibility also extends to the actual career you have with a documentation in fitness. You can choose to be a traditional personal trainer, but even then, you have options: work in a gym full or part-time, start a personal training business and be your own boss, or be a freelance trainer working part-time.

You can also choose other types of jobs that require the expertise and knowledge a qualified fitness instructor will have. Some of the many other options you’ll have with trainer qualification include:

Group fitness instructor

Yoga instructor

Boot camp leader

Weight management consultant

Corporate trainer and consultant

Online trainer or coach

Fitness professionals have a number of options. Unlike other industries, you don’t need an associate’s degree, bachelor’s, or your master’s degree to work in this role. All you need is your individual training certification.

5. Work Anywhere (and Not Just in a Gym)
As people across the country become more aware of the benefits associated with getting fit, careers in fitness have soared. This can be the sort of career that you can literally do anywhere. From the smallest towns to big cities and suburbs, trainers are needed everywhere to help people meet their health goals.

And demand is truly high all over the U.S. According to the BLS, careers in fitness training and instruction are growing much faster than average job growth. Trainer jobs are increasing at a rate of 13 percent. That makes this a great time to join the fitness industry.

Working anywhere includes working remotely. Offering online personal trainer services allows you to provide effective workout sessions right from your home.

6. You Get to Exercise all the Time
You probably have thought about this career partly because you are personally passionate about training and staying fit. As a personal trainer you will be working on training clients, but at the same time, expect to be on your feet, being active and exercising constantly.

During your personal training sessions, you will be demonstrating form and exercises. You can also be doing exercises alongside clients and categories of clients for motivation, accessing exercise equipment if you want.

7. Of all the Benefits of a Personal Training Career, Helping People is the very best
Ultimately this is a meaningful and fulfilling career since it permits you to make a positive difference in the lives of real people. This is the true benefit for employed in health and fitness. You’ll get to know and like your clients, dealing with those to improve their lives. They won’t always love you, but when they hit their weight, fitness, athletic, and body composition goals, they’ll thank and appreciate you.

Training does so much more for people than change their physical appearances and fitness levels. What you really get to do that feels so good is to empower clients, help them realize their own potential and their inner athletes, and guide those to build their own sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. They are powerful changes, and you get to lead people to them. You start with your first personal training client.

Do I Need a Certification to Be a Personal Trainer?
Yes, you definitely need to obtain your trainer certification. Most states don’t have specific requirements about qualifications for trainers, but few clients or employers will hire a trainer without certification.

Having your personal training qualification means you have learned the fundamentals of fitness, movement, exercise science, training, and coaching. Trainer qualification also proves you have the knowledge base needed to help clients meet their goals safely and effectively.

The good news is that qualification isn’t hard or time-consuming. You can learn online and get certified by completing the web program and passing an exam. Additionally to general certification, you’ll find courses for all varieties of specialties like nutrition, senior fitness, and strength and conditioning.

Are you inspired to get started in a career as an individual trainer? If so, start with the ISSA’s Certified Personal Trainer Course. With this certification program, become familiar with how to create custom-made exercise programs for your clients. You’ll also learn how to motivate them to better reach their personal workout goals.